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NCT - Useful free pdf's and web resources

By David White on Friday, 11th March 2016 (updated)
Here is a collection of FREE downloads and resources for those interested in gaining an overview of what New Covenant Theology is. Not everything is agreed by everyone. But most of the main distinctives are common ground, and this will be apparent.

New Covenant Theology is all about exalting Christ, bringing full glory to Him in the practical outworking in redeemed, justified, sanctified lives of what He has won and is poured on us and in us through His Spirit.
It is not about winning theological arguments. It is not about 'being right' - it is about being Biblical. It is not about trashing the Old Testament - it is about employing that earlier revelation in the light of the 'spiritual supanova' which the sending of the Son brings. It is not about destroying the Law, it is about seeing that that shadow is now surpassed by the substance it hinted at.
New Covenant Theology wants to see the whole of God's revealed word about Christ, as God intends, and believers walking free in the Spirit as God's children - as He intends
1. New Covenant Theology - Interview with  A.Blake White 
Summary - What Is New Covenant Theology? 
2. New Covenant Theology and the Mosaic Law by Fred G. Zaspel
 A Theological and Exegetical Analysis of Matthew 5:17-20 
3. New Covenant Theology - questions answered by Steve Lehrer
4. What Is New Covenant Theology? by Douglas Goodin (CrossToCrown Ministries)
Part 1
Part 2 
5.  The New Covenant Confession of Faith
Authored by the Elders of New Covenant Bible Fellowship 
6. When Did the Old Covenant End and the New Covenant Begin? by Peter Ditzel
7. Abraham's Four Seeds by John G Reisinger
8. Five Reasons Why I Object to Classic NCT's Definition of the Law of Christ by Todd Braye 
9. Completed By The Spirit by Ed Trefzger
On Sanctification:-
1. David Peterson's Moore College Annual lectures set on Sanctification
2. Moe Bergeron's talks
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
On NCT subjects:
1. Brian Rosner's  Moore College Annual lectures set on Paul and the Law
2. Steve Atkerson on NCT at Sermon Audio
3. New Covenant Theology - A Challenge or a Threat  Frederick Serjant
4. Thomas Shreiner - Galatians
5. John G Reisinger - Paul's View of the Law (1985 John Bunyan Conference) 
6John G Reisinger - Tablets of Stone
8. John Bunyan Conference 2014 (Wellum, Gentry, White, West, McCall) - Address series based on the book 'Kingdom Through Covenant'This is a more technical look at the whole subject of 'covenant' in the Bible.
1. Christ My Covenant 
2. In-Depth Studies
3. Cross To Crown Incorporates Sound Of Grace - John G Reisinger's former site  
4. Word of His Grace Some good articles, downloadable pdf’s (free) here.
Other Links:
1. The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy

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